Friday, 30 March 2012

A Blondie trying to make sense of why her comment can not be heard!

I apologise for not replying quickly like a gurd blogger should..However I have had a few difficulties with trying to reply to your wonderful comments..on my blog, but have failed to have it published. A problem, I am still not sure why it's happened. Gurd news is though. I can comment this as a blog post:)! Yay!! Here are a few of my words to you brilliant people out there.
Aww these comments off you all are just fabulous and thank-you for your support it means soo much to me.Hope y'all having a lovely Friday..check back on my regular blog for updates..Thank-you for sharing your lurve.

Love Pixie xoxo

Sunday, 4 March 2012

A trial!

Hey there my beauties O Dollies..You may be familar with me..as I am the blogger behind Pixi3's Productive Pod.You may click on this and think Huh?! Where has she gone?! Where are her posts..has she deleted her other blog 
Well have no fear nor worry. As This is an experimental Blog I am doing. Trying out different templates, banner etc. As you may be aware that, for a month or so, I have not been happy with my Blog layout and have been wanting to change it slightly. Well, I thought Hey why not do trial and errors on a new blog hehe! So here I am.

Ofcourse for me this is only just the beginning, so stay tuned:P!

Miss Experimental Pixie.